Light Specialist  

Job Category: Evangelism

Start Date: Negotiable

Length of Commitment/Term: 1 year

Country: United States

Other Location Information: Based in Minneapolis, MN

Salary / Benefits: $27,000 Salary. These wages become taxable income to the participant. Salaries are generated from foundation support received from grants funded. Some benefits extend to workers within the parameters of their perspective job descriptions. Health care and retirement benefits are presently being instituted within the organization as a plan is being worked out and adopted by EPPIC's board of directors.

Support Raising: Yes

Description of Job: Responsible for the development of a plan to provide lighting for EPPIC's ministry team work in performance venues locally, nationally and overseas. This involves working out the lighting technicalities for the presentations, securing lighting gear and the set up and tear down of lighting equipment before and after presentations.

Minimum Education Level: undergraduate degree

Prior Training or Experience Required: Training and experience in stage lighting required. Desire to engage in evangelism desired.

Language Required: English

Other Information: EPPIC would like to recruit an individual who will take up the responsibility of developing a lighting plan to light EPPIC's Gospel in Mime presentations.